Eco Option Homes: Warragul, Victoria

Why choose us?

Owner/ Managing Director Kevin Larkman comes with 30 years of experience working within the Gippsland building industry.

He has held senior positions with major building companies in supervisory and managerial roles.

His extensive portfolio includes numerous custom homes, units, town houses, duplex buildings, extensions and renovations.

Kevin has identified the need and desire for people to build affordable homes that are Eco friendly but more importantly, which reduce your costs of living on a day to day basis. He uses a very practical approach to building, designed to result in raised energy rating. He also prides himself on giving a personalised custom service, which includes selecting your fittings prior to contract, so there are no surprises. Throughout the build you regularly meet on site and discuss aspects of the fit out and your ongoing requirements. Kevin expects and requires the highest standard from his tradespeople. His own skills, including time management, are exceptional.

Eco Option Homes are your local builder located in Warragul, Victoria

What makes us an Eco/Sustainable builder?

Initially, we establish if you want to build an eco-friendly home because of the following reasons;

  • To reduce your carbon footprint
  • To reduce energy consumption/ bills
  • To go completely ‘off grid’ by choice or due to a lack of services on acreage

Our builder, Kevin Larkman conducts a site analysis to establish the positioning, site costs and orientation. This plays a crucial role to naturally get the maximum efficiency. We can either use your custom plans or we have a range of plans that can be modified to suit your block. Alternatively, we arrange a meeting with a local drafting company, and they can design the home for you. 

We provide Eco Options – your home is treated individually; each home has its own needs and can vary to reach the maximum star level for the area and site. We custom build and have never built the same house or specifications twice. We tend to attract a cliental that likes to do their own research and often knows what they want in their homes. We also embrace installing new eco building products and materials. Kevin listens to what your preferences are, he then guides you on how to combine all of the custom elements to build your home.  Kevin also allows flexibility when planning the home for example allowing clients to supply materials or use trades that they have a preference toward.

Our company uses many of the old traditional building methods and finishes such as:

  • Slab/Split Level 
  • Stumps/Sloping Block
  • Colourbond/ or Tiled Roof 
  • Roof Sarking/Ventilation
  • 450 Stud Walls Kiln Dried 
  • Sisalation/ or Foil Board 
  • Eaves/ Brick Infills
  • Double Glazed Windows /Fly Screens
  • Automatic Garage Door
  • 3 Coat Paint System
  • In-situ Shower Base
  • LED Lighting
  • 2550mm Ceiling Minimum 
  • Soft Close Cabinetry
  • Draft Blocker/ Zoning Areas
  • Locks Keyed Alike
  • Holland Blinds
  • Choice of solar hot water or water tank plumbed to toilets.
  • Driveway/ Crossover/ Path/ Clothesline
  • Flooring (Your Choice)
  • Septic (if required) 
  • Shed Power & Planning
  • Clean Site

All of our homes are custom /craftsman built. Everything is hand selected by you. This allows you to spend your budget on the fittings and ‘wow factors’ that are important to you. Your home will reflect your taste and style, so it is unique, personal and exactly what you asked for. 

Visit our Warragul 8 Star display home and we will discuss what methods we used
to achieve the 8 Star rating on this home.

Visit our Display Home

Display Home Address:

24 Longview Road, Warragul, Victoria

Open Saturday and Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm
or by appointment

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